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Top Highest Performing Ad Sizes for Your Site

Top Performing Google AdSense Ad Sizes

Most site proprietors attempt distinctive pennant sizes to figure out which positions work best for their sites. Here are some Top Highest Performing Ad Sizes for Your Site. Google AdSense designs likewise persistently run their own tests to perceive how promotions are performing on taking an interest sites. 

We have completed a few testing with Google AdSense throughout the years all alone sites. The following are the best performing Google AdSense standard sizes and promotion designs that offer the best an incentive for your publicizing land.

1. Rectangle Ad (300×250)

This advertisement design bolsters both presentation/content promotions, and it can likewise be utilized on versatile formats. The best part about this advertisement measure is that it's anything but difficult to fit in the sidebar or inside the substance territory without irritating clients. 

Rectangle Ad (300×250)
Rectangle Ad (300×250)

That is the reason this advertisement design gets a bigger promotion stock which implies more and better paying promotions for your site. Since it's impeccably estimated for in-content advertisements, it is likewise answered to have the best CTR for generally sites.

2. Desktop Header Ad (728×90)

The leaderboard is a traditional banner ad size that is perfect for website header. It supports both text and image ad formats but doesn’t support mobile ads.

Desktop Header Ad (728×90)
Desktop Header Ad (728×90)

Since the leaderboard is ideal to be placed on top (inside or immediately after the website header), it gets more ads which means better ads for your website. Due to its size and prominent placement, it performs fairly well on most websites.

3. Mobile Header Ad (320×50)

Mobile leaderboard is half in height compared to the large mobile banner ad format. It is slightly less effective but also less intrusive and offers even better ad experience on smaller mobile devices.

Mobile Header Ad (320×50)
Mobile Header Ad (320×50)

Mobile ads are popular among advertisers which means it gets a sizable ad inventory. With proper placement, it can work really well with your mobile traffic.

4. Sidebar Ad (160×600)

The wide skyscraper is a vertical banner ad that is designed specifically for narrow sidebars. It supports both image and text ad formats and is popular among advertisers.

Sidebar Ad (160×600)
Sidebar Ad (160×600)

It is a less intrusive ad option and can easily blend in with your website design. However, it is less effective than wider half page banner ads which tends to draw more user attention towards ad.

5. Square Ad (250×250)

Generally larger ads are considered more noticeable. However, not all websites are designed in the same fashion. If you are using a minimalist WordPress theme, then this small square ad format could beautifully fit in your layout and still be noticeable.

Square Ad (250×250)
Square Ad (250×250)

The downside is that it has a smaller ad inventory which could result into low paying ads. However, if your website is in a competitive industry, then it can work really well without affecting user experience.

6. Billboard (970×250)

The billboard is another brand-centric ad format. It is a wide horizontal banner ad that can be ideally placed on top or bottom of your pages. It tends to get better ads due to the space it offers to the advertisers, but it has a smaller ad inventory.

Billboard (970×250)
Billboard (970×250)

Depending on the content and keywords of your website, it could be a hit or a miss if it fails to attract enough ads for your website.

Further Tips to Make Your Ad Space

We are often asked by users how they can make more money with Google AdSense? Since each website is different, there is no single perfect answer to this question.

Here are some tips to make sure that you are fully utilizing your website’s potential when using Google AdSense to generate revenue.
  • Test different ad placements – Try different ad formats to figure out which formats give you a better CTR and which formats give you better ads.
  • Display multiple ads – Google AdSense allows you to display multiple ad units on a page. Try different placements and ad formats to test which combinations work best for you.
  • Think of users first – While ad revenue is important for the survival of many websites, you also need to think of your users. Placing ads in a way that affects user experience would affect your website’s user engagement as well as your WordPress SEO.
  • Optimize website performance – Research shows that faster websites usually get more engaged audience which means higher CTR for your ads. See how to speed up WordPress and boost performance.
I hope this article will help you to find the highest performing Google AdSense ad sizes. You may also want to check out our comprehensive guide on other ways to make money online to supplement your Google AdSense income.

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